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004 | Report


...es, sir.

Master Chief. John. The Captain would like a sit-rep. Do you have any news concerning the recent events? The man--the Warden?--he has stopped. You know him? You know those "close" to him? Report.

Here: Keyes and Halsey are under my watch. They are fine. As am I. Nothing else to report.

003 | Innocence?


Kelly-087. I did not get the chance to meet her here. How John described her--was it true? Was she young, and "innocent"? None of us ever truly were. I would have liked to spoken with her though.

((Yeah, that's private and unhackable. And will be format for the future.))

002 | Discontent


I don't like this place. I'd almost rather be in the Sphere.

((ooc note: as a general rule, all that nonsense at the beginning means only those designated "Blue Team" can hear/read this transmission--it's on their private channel. this means John, Kelly, and Linda only; Halsey probably has it too; Keyes in the future if the Chief adds him; only UNSC people are capable as it is being sent through the suits/neural implants. this format will be used in the future without an ooc note. that is all; sorry for the annoyance. x3 oh, yeah... the strikes are muttered really low--spartan hearing low.)

001 | Oly Oly Oxen Free

[a repeating six note, seven beat tone is whistled here]


Name: Linda-058
Call Sign: Spartan-058
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Affiliation: UNSC (United Nations Space Command), SPARTAN-II
Age: Approximately 41 Earth years; due to long periods of Slipspace travel spent within cyro-chambers however it is closer to a mid-30s in physical deterioration; also, medical advances allow people to live a longer life and therefore age more slowly in her universe.
Gender: Female
Species: Human (augmented)
Sexuality: Asexual (reduced sexual drive pretty much nulls this entirely; plus she’d be the least likely Spartan to ever pair up anyway due to her sniper-derived, lone-wolf tendencies)

Appearance: Linda has three distinct markers as far as physical description goes: red hair, green eyes, and pale white skin. Her bright red hair is cut pain-stakingly short, cropped so close to her head it is more a fuzzy velvet vermillion cap than anything. It is very soft to the touch, like a new-born lamb’s fleece, and looks like it might be full of curls if it were allowed to grow out. Her lucid green eyes hold a lone wolf’s keen intelligence and piercing personality behind them. Although all SPARTAN-IIs are pale due to their extensive time spent in their MJOLNIR armor, Linda is by far the palest of them all due to her naturally pale white skin added atop the usual reason. Linda spends most of her time in her powered armor, however, and can rarely be seen without it. In the MJOLNIR she looks like any of the other half a ton, seven-foot, OD-green monstrous living armors known simply as Spartans.

Personality: Linda is easily the quietest of all the Spartans. She doesn’t speak too much even amongst her own ‘kind’ as it were, and it is almost frightening how much of a loner she can be even when it comes to her fellow Spartans. However, when she does speak people tend to listen. She is keenly intelligent, and when intelligence has no role in a situation her uncanny wisdom fills right in the would-be empty space. She is extremely observant; this goes with her extreme sniper abilities as well as with her quiet nature. Working alone, anything less would mean the death of her. Sitting quietly in a hub of activity, she is a natural people watcher. Despite her own seeming lack of emotions and largely social outcast demeanor, she can eerily read a person quite well. Though she is a person of few words she will speak her mind without hesitation and without sugar-coating. And yet even though she is easily a lone-wolf by choice, she will seek out her fellow Spartans and UNSC soldiers given enough time. She likes to be alone, not lonely. Especially after a long time of endless combat and constant companionship with her fellow teammates.

Abilities/Strengths: Linda-058 has been trained since the age of six in military combat effectiveness. Her unique genetics and disposition were key to her being chosen for a special project. These natural tributes were enhanced greatly when she received bio-augmentation through advanced scientific techniques. These augmentations give her above average strength, speed, eyesight, intelligence, and reaction time. Her bones are nearly indestructible, she can lift approximately three times her body weight, she can run at speeds exceeding 55 KPH (34.155 MPH), has virtual night vision, and a reaction time of 20 milliseconds (faster in extreme situations such as intense CQ combat). When working with other Spartans the entire team is capable of unprecedented teamwork that resembles telepathy. All this is without the added enhancements while wearing the MJOLNIR armor.

Her military training provides her with the skills to survive any combat situation, including (but not necessarily limited to) special infiltration, lone survival, and large or small team combat. Linda’s personal specialty is sniper work, and she is unique as far as Spartans go when it comes to truly working alone: she is exceptional at it (and possibly even prefers it). She has received tutelage in history, military strategy, physics and other advanced sciences, advanced mathematics, and weapons training, just to name a few of the dozens upon dozens of subjects all Spartans were heavily taught. She can easily improvise various technical situations, use almost any weapon handed to her, operate any sort of vehicle imaginable, and has basic to advanced knowledge in various explosives, rappelling gear, zero-g equipment, standard reconnaissance gear, and other odd gadgets and such.

Weaknesses: Linda is highly known for her lone-wolf tendencies amongst the Spartans. Working alone is always a dangerous concept, but especially so for anyone willing to fight the long odds of the Covenant forces. As used to such loner work as she is, Linda is naturally confident in her abilities to survive no matter the odds. She feels highly superior to any other soldier that is not a Spartan, and especially to any sniper who would doubt her skills are exceedingly better in every way. Her only saving grace is, while if pressed she’d say her piece with blunt efficiency, in most circumstances she would not point this out unless lives were at stake.

Linda has no qualms in speaking her mind plainly and effectively, straight to the point and without any nonsense; while extremely efficient, sometimes her blunt nature is easy to take offense to. Taking orders from any non-Spartan is a rough matter. While she obviously has no problems taking orders from higher-ups in the navy because all Spartan missions are given through the highest ranking members, while on a vital mission with already set parameters she is hard pressed to deviate or listen to other officers on the field. The only exception is when other Spartans, Dr. Halsey, or especially well respected officers are involved.

Spartan-058 is nigh emotionless when it comes to work (in fact, one of her more distinguishing factors is her practice of ice-cold Zen no-thought in the battlefield) and even outside she rarely shows any emotions if any at all. Her fellow Spartans know that she is not entirely emotionless, but even with them she hardly ever shows anything. Like most Spartans she is socially inept outside of their special group; even soldiers fear or admire them to an extent that keeps them wholly alienated, and she would definitely not know how to deal with a civilian much less a large group or city of them.

Notable Possessions: Linda was suited up in her Mark VI MJOLNIR armor upon arrival. The armor acts more like a second skin to all Spartans rather than an encumbering piece of equipment. As such, Linda is completely integrated into the system when wearing the suit and everything is more natural feeling than without it. The armor sports neural interface, an interactive HUD, heat and motion sensors/trackers, and integrated COM systems. An inner gel layer regulates the temperature and fit around the Spartan’s body, and a special reactive metal liquid crystal structure helps amplify the wearer’s strength and enhances reaction time by at least a factor of five. The suit can also be worn and used in vacuum--it can recycle air for at least ninety minutes straight--and is also shielded against radiation and EMP. The latest upgrades afforded to the VI models have enhanced the re-charge times of the unique energy shield that the latest MJOLNIR suits now sport. The energy shield completely surrounds the wearer and can ward off several hits before overloading and dissipating while it re-charges to full strength and then reactivates. The wearer can mentally command its strength and density anywhere around the body for better usage in various situations, as well as deactivate it if complete physical touch is required.

Spoilers for half the Halo novels after this point.

History: Born sometime in the year 2511, nothing else is known about Linda before she was conscripted in 2517 at the age of six. She was chosen by Dr. Halsey (along with 75 other children) to participate in a non-volunteer project known as SPARTAN-II; her unique genetics and disposition were key to her being chosen. For the next several years she, along with the other recruits, was heavily trained on the planet Reach under the careful guidance of Chief Petty Officer Mendez and the AI Deja. In 2525 at the age of fourteen, these natural and trained tributes were further enhanced during the final stage of SPARTAN-II when the children were given bio-augmentation through not yet completely perfected techniques. Only thirty-three of the children survived completely unscathed and alive; several others were left permanently damaged; the rest died during the process. Linda was one of the fortunate.

Shortly after the Spartans’ augmentation the group got their first true mission. Linda was one of five to participate; the nature of the mission meant a small team was best. With John-117 as their leader, Blue Team infiltrated a known Insurrectionalist base in the Epsilon Eridani system and extracted their leader. The mission was only the first of their successes.

Later that same year the Spartan’s got their greatest asset yet: MJOLNIR. These suits of armor, while lacking in later model’s full systems specifically the energy shield, were so advanced and powerful that nothing could ever hope to stand a chance against the Spartan’s now.

Linda was present at Jericho VII in 2535 just before the planet was lost to the Covenant. She was also at Sigma Octanus IV in 2552 when the Covenant found that planet. Before it was glassed by the Covenant’s ships, three teams of Spartans preformed a decisive land battle on the planet. Linda was designated as Green-One and led a team of Spartans into the suburbs around Cote d’Azur. In the suburbs, her team found approximately twenty civilian survivors. She was able to successfully evacuate them before Blue Team detonated a HAVOK Nuclear Warhead in the heart of the city, destroying tens of thousands of Covenant forces stationed there. Linda and her team then dusted off in a Pelican which docked with the UNSC Leviathan and returned to Reach for debriefing.

Linda was aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn for a short period before the Battle of Reach began. When the battle began the Spartan’s given two missions; John-117 choose Linda and James to join him in the space mission while the rest of the Spartans were sent down to the planet. Linda was designated Blue-One for this mission. The objective was to get into Reach’s Gamma Station and destroy the unsecured NAV database of ONI’s UNSC Circumference. During the mission, James was struck by enemy fire and sent hurtling into space--dead for all intents and purposes. Linda and John had no choice but to continue their mission without him. Inside the bay a group of marines were under fire from a group of Jackals. Linda helped rescue them while John completed their true objective. As they were escaping the Covenant forces, however, Linda was hit by several overcharged bolts from Plasma Pistols which penetrated her armor and flesh all the way to the carbonized bone. One of the globules of plasma hit her in the back of the skull. She was presumed dead.

John-117, disheartened over the death of his close teammate, took her to the cryo facilities where they immediately froze Linda's body in a cyro chamber. The Pillar Of Autumn then jumped to Installation 04 (Halo). As the ship was shot down by Covenant forces most of the cyro chambers, including Linda's, were ejected as per standard UNSC procedure. She floated above the ring-world for several days until after the destruction of the Installation. Linda was then detected by Cortana and John who were in a Longsword fighter. They picked her and two other cryo pods up, but both of the other occupants had died when their chambers failed. Linda, however, was still “safe”--though clinically dead--within her pod.

When John-117, Sergeant Johnson, Corporal Locklear, Lieutenant Haverson, and Petty Officer Polaski captured the Covenant assault carrier Ascendant Justice, Linda, still in her cyro chamber, was brought aboard. Due to the extent of her injuries she was left frozen until certified medical staff was available. She stayed on the Ascendant Justice until Dr. Halsey was rescued from Reach along with the remainder of the Spartans. Dr. Halsey revived Linda aboard the UNSC Gettysburg, effectively resuscitating her.

Linda was then one of the Spartans who participated in Operation: First Strike; an infiltration mission into the Covenant ship Unyielding Hierophant to overload it’s reactors and blow it out of space. Linda provided the rest of the Spartans with cover fire while they completed the mission. As the remaining Spartans evacuated, Linda managed to snipe five Elites from their Banshees with a single shot each while hanging from a perfectly concealed zip-line tethered to a set of catwalks. She refused to give up her position to make sure her three comrades got out alive, even at the expense of her own life, until John ordered her to let him rescue her over the COM. She then sent the Spartan-derived Oly Oly Oxen Free over the COM and uploaded a NAV marker with her location to John’s HUD. She retreated with John on the Banshee after that, and eventually ended up back on the Gettysburg. They returned to Earth.

Following her return to Earth, Linda, as well as Fred and Will, were called upon to perform a number of operations during the Second Battle of Earth up until November 3rd, 2552. These missions included numerous operations in orbit around Earth, such as stopping a Covenant invasion on Mount Erebus in Antarctica with a HAVOK tactical nuke, and destroying Covenant forces on the sea floor off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Following these operations, they were deployed to the Centennial Orbital Elevator (also known as Tallo Negro del Maiz) in Havana, Cuba to stop Covenant forces that had gathered there. Linda, along with the other Spartans, stopped the Covenant forces that had captured multiple nuclear warheads. The Spartans ascended the orbital elevator, destroyed one of the Covenant ships at the top, and captured another one: the Bloodied Spirit.

Using the Bloodied Spirit, Linda and the other Spartans traveled to the planet Onyx at the request of Dr. Halsey. Linda arrived with Fred and Will in a crash landing on the surface. There she met Kelly, Dr. Halsey, CPO Mendez, Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose (a Spartan she had thought dead for almost thirty years) and many Spartan-III's; most notably Holly, Ash, and Dante. There they were assaulted by multiple Onyx Sentinels. The Sentinels attacked in groups of three, one watching and reporting Spartan tactics to the other Sentinels at 3000 meters in the air, and the other two attacking at close range. Linda was able to shoot the over watch Sentinel out of the sky with aid from two SPNKR rocket launchers. The Spartans then used the Bloodied Spirit to reach a massive city of Onyx underground. Upon arrival, they were teleported to a Sentinel factory, which they sabotaged. Returning to the city, they found Spartan-III group Team Katana, who were trapped in what Dr. Halsey called an "unshielded Slipspace field," which rendered them immune to all damage. As such, the Spartans were unable to resuscitate them and fled to a control room, taking Katana with them. At this time, a Covenant army arrived on Onyx, under command of Fleet Master Voro Nar ’Mantakree. They assaulted the small group of Spartan-II's and Spartan-III's. Linda was able to kill many Elites and Grunts, but they were overwhelmed. Holly was vaporized by a group of Hunters; Will was killed by a fuel rod blast from another Hunter; Dante was already dead, from a plasma bolt to his left side and half a dozen Needler shards under his arm and across his chest. Kurt-051 was almost cut in half by a Hunter's shield and he ordered a retreat into the compressed space rift. Linda's final act during that battle was to shoot two elites out of their Banshees, before retreating through the rift. Kurt stayed behind and destroyed the entire Covenant army and most of the world with two Fenris nuclear warheads. Linda, along with the remaining Spartan-IIs, Spartan-IIIs, Dr. Halsey, and CPO Mendez, found herself inside a Dyson sphere caught within a permanent Slipspace rupture that would effectively shield them from any mass weapons of destruction going off in the “real” dimension outside--and also effectively cut them off from the outside world.

But Spartans were not meant to run away from fights. And despite Halsey’s intentions they now seek a way out of this protected babble. Just after their arrival and subsequent choice to escape, Linda felt a sense of vertigo before finding herself in a completely different and new setting: Econtra.