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Zen and the Art of Sniping

Spartan 058 | Linda (OU)
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Character: Spartan-058 / Linda
Series/Fandom: Halo
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: Approximately 41 Earth years; due to long periods of Slipspace travel spent within cyro-chambers however it is closer to a mid-30s in physical deterioration; also, medical advances allow people to live a longer life and therefore age more slowly in her universe.
Gender: Female
Species: Human (augmented)
Sexuality: Asexual (reduced sexual drive pretty much nulls this entirely; plus she’d be the least likely Spartan to ever pair up anyway due to her sniper-derived, lone-wolf tendencies)

Appearance: Linda has three distinct markers as far as physical description goes: red hair, green eyes, and pale white skin. Her bright red hair is cut pain-stakingly short, cropped so close to her head it is more a fuzzy velvet vermillion cap than anything. It is very soft to the touch, like a new-born lamb’s fleece, and looks like it might be full of curls if it were allowed to grow out. Her lucid green eyes hold a lone wolf’s keen intelligence and piercing personality behind them. Although all SPARTAN-IIs are pale due to their extensive time spent in their MJOLNIR armor, Linda is by far the palest of them all due to her naturally pale white skin added atop the usual reason. Linda spends most of her time in her powered armor, however, and can rarely be seen without it. In the MJOLNIR she looks like any of the other half a ton, seven-foot, OD-green monstrous living armors known simply as Spartans.

Personality: Linda is easily the quietest of all the Spartans. She doesn’t speak too much even amongst her own ‘kind’ as it were, and it is almost frightening how much of a loner she can be even when it comes to her fellow Spartans. However, when she does speak people tend to listen. She is keenly intelligent, and when intelligence has no role in a situation her uncanny wisdom fills right in the would-be empty space. She is extremely observant; this goes with her extreme sniper abilities as well as with her quiet nature. Working alone, anything less would mean the death of her. Sitting quietly in a hub of activity, she is a natural people watcher. Despite her own seeming lack of emotions and largely social outcast demeanor, she can eerily read a person quite well. Though she is a person of few words she will speak her mind without hesitation and without sugar-coating. And yet even though she is easily a lone-wolf by choice, she will seek out her fellow Spartans and UNSC soldiers given enough time. She likes to be alone, not lonely. Especially after a long time of endless combat and constant companionship with her fellow teammates.


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